Setting up You and Your Child for Success Series

I'm so excited to be teaming up with Village Pediatrics, LLC and Pediatric Partners for a series of presentations offering parents support and guidance to build their child's confidence and emotional resilience as well as their own. There is so much information out there in books, blogs, and websites. My goal is to streamline the multitude of information and put it in easy to understand terms. Parents can take away the information and put it into practice, building on successes they already have while working through any challenges.

Feb. 4: Raising Terrific Toddlers (Pediatric Partners, PA)

March 4: Helping Your Anxious Child (Village Pediatrics LLC)

April 1: Proactive Parenting with School-Aged Children (Pediatric Partners, PA)

The first and last presentations focus on general parenting. The key to success is being a proactive vs. reactive parent, no matter what the issue is, big, small or not even there yet.  The principles and strategies presented help set the stage for working through not only general issues that occur across your child's development. They may help decrease the likelihood or temper the severity of issues that may appear later, such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem, social issues, and general adjustment, or at the very least, help provide a solid foundation to build upon to address issues that surface later.

The middle presentation is a repeat on the topic of anxiety (with some updates, of course). I have a special fondness for treating anxiety, as anxiety is so prevalent (@ 1 in 8 children). Although anxiety may not always appear interfere significantly with outward functioning (these are often the "good-kids" or the "people-pleasers" so they work to hold it together), the amount of distress anxiety can cause can become overwhelming. Anxiety responds extremely well to cognitive-behavioral strategies, i.e., specific coping strategies to tame the anxiety so it doesn't interfere with life. I'm excited to share these strategies and resources. 

I hope to see you there and I welcome ideas for other topics to present.