Shots are a pain but they don't have to be

With summer ending and school starting, the flu season is not probably the first thing on your mind. But the season is coming. The flu vaccines are arriving at the doctors' offices.  The only way to be protected this year against the flu is by getting the vaccine - in other words: a shot! (See the CDC media release). Shots are one of the main anxieties children have about going to the doctor, causing much distress. Actually, the shots themselves don't cause as much distress as the anxiety about shots does. The good news is that are strategies that can minimize the anxiety before the shot and the pain of the shot. And it's based on facts. The Centre for Pediatric Pain Center in Canada has a passion for finding ways to lessen children's experience of pain and works hard to share what what works. It doesn't have to hurt. Take 2 minutes and watch the video below for some research-backed tips to make it easier for everyone. Maybe you have some of your own tips to share.